King Kondo - Monsterpocalypse

King Kondo - Monsterpocalypse

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The arrival of the Destroyers has drawn the ire of many great beasts once hidden in the untracked jungles and wilderness places. One of the greatest of Earth’s savage defenders is known as King Kondo, a primate of gargantuan proportions with a rage to match his height and girth. Kondo has the strength to punch through buildings or lift and throw entire trains. He has no reason to trust humanity, particularly after a disastrous attempt by a secret multi-national task force to take him captive and use him as a chained weapon, but most of his ire is reserved for unnatural horrors like the Planet Eaters.


Agenda: Protectors

Faction: Empire of the Apes

Type: Monster


Base Size: 60 mm

PIP: 51028

Release Date: June 14, 2019

Status: Coming Soon