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C.O.R.E Faction Starter

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CORE Faction Starter MSRP $60

Before the Abandonment, Isuza Dynamics was working on a complete, automated, terra-forming package. The robots of this C.O.R.E. package were designed to follow various “build and replicate” protocols, all while seeking out bio-mass for their entropic cell batteries. Since it was switched back on, the C.O.R.E. AI has brought many of the robots back online, and has sent them out into the world with little adaptation. Other robots, however, have been designed and constructed following contact with the various other factions that inhabit Samaria.



• Highly detailed metal miniatures

• This 500-point C.O.R.E. Faction Starter Box is the ideal way to start a C.O.R.E. collection.

• The Faction Starter Box provides a handy mix of robots with a variety of roles on the battlefield. The Ghost is a great forward commander, activating the programming in the others. The Infiltrators are somewhat fragile, ranged infiltrators who prefer to avoid melee. The Rends provide a significant heavy-duty melee boost to the Starter Box, and the DRG-Y is incredibly brutal on the charge. The Menials round out the force; although cheap, they are numerous and personify the relentless nature of the C.O.R.E.



Box contains: one (1) Ghost, two (2) Infiltrators, two (2) Rends, one (1) DRG-Y, three (3) Menial Bots, one (1) 50mm base, two (2) 40mm bases, six (6) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.