Forsaken Command Box 2

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Forsaken command Unit Box 2 MSRP $40

The Forsaken are only as strong as the support system, and these four highly trained experts are as strong as they come. Whether it is based upon what is found in their holsters or their specialized toolkits, they keep their forces fighting stronger.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The Warwind is a leader, while the Sister of Compassion, Field Medic, and Weaponsmith are elite individuals in a Forsaken warband. 
• The Warwind is incredibly agile and will be best used to drive your enemies against a wall of mace-wielding Banes. The Sister of Compassion, Field Medic, and Weaponsmith should remain close to the main body of troops, in order to keep them going longer than your opponent would care to see.

Box contains: one (1) Warwind A model, one (1) Sister of Compassion model, one (1) Weaponsmith model, one (1) Field Medic model, four (4) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.