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Iron Order - Hanomag Truck

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As the German military reorganized and refitted their armed forces in an effort to push the Allies back, high command immediately commissioned the Order’s research and development personnel to redesign and refine the most common German armored transport, the Hanomag half-track. Wanting to both reinforce and transform the vehicle into a full armored fighting platform, the Hanomag now supports a fully armored chassis with 2 MG42 machine guns mounted in limited traverses in the front and rear. The new Hanomag armored transport is being quickly shipped to the front to carry squads of Black Guards and other Order troops to where they are needed.


These models are 3D printed on demand using a Form2 3D printer and shipped with supports in-place.  Sculpt by John Farrant.


Some residual uncured resin may be left behind from the printing process, which can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.  Some customers have reported that the support from printing are easier to remove after soaking the model in rubbing alcohol.  In the event that your models arrive warped, or become warped while removing the printing supports, this can be corrected by leaving the model in warm water for a few minutes to soften the plastic.  Please hold the model in a corrected position and run it under cold water to lock the correction into the plastic.