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Iron Order - Rad Troopers

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Rad Troopers are seen on battlefields in which have become so poisoned and choked with chemical weapons and other horrifying and destructive implements, that no human can hope to survive there without proper protection. The Rad Troopers aren’t much different from their standard counterparts but sport heavy environment protective gear and large air tanks. This equipment allows these soldiers to operate in heavily irradiated areas for extended periods.

Sculpt by Romeo Salbatecu

Available as a crew of four (4) miniatures, or individually by pose.  These models are 3D printed on demand using a Form2 3D printer and shipped with supports in-place.


Some residual uncured resin may be left behind from the printing process, which can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.  Some customers have reported that the support from printing are easier to remove after soaking the model in rubbing alcohol.  In the event that your models arrive warped, or become warped while removing the printing supports, this can be corrected by leaving the model in warm water for a few minutes to soften the plastic.  Please hold the model in a corrected position and run it under cold water to lock the correction into the plastic.