Kingdom Death Resin Terrain

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Kingdom Death Terrain V2 by AxoloteGaming

Due to popularity, these may take up to 10 business days to ship.

Kit Includes enough stuff to make:

  • - 8 arcanthus (with 4 leaf piece sprus)
    - 1 bug patch
    - 2 debris (the organ pile)
    - 2 Giant stone face (1 each)
    - 4 tall grass (tile only)
    - 1 monster corpse
    - 2 ore vein (one each)
    - 6 stone columns (one of each kind)
    - 2 toppled pillar (one of each kind)


As a thank you for buying directly from us, included is a free set of our brushes!

Please note that that this is a kit.  Your resin will require finishing such s sanding, washing, and assembly. 

We are located in the USA (The land of cheeseburgers!)  For International customers, you may want to check out this ebay listing.  The Global Shipping Program may be able to save you on Shipping!