Krakenoctus - Mosterpocalypse

Krakenoctus -  Mosterpocalypse

Privateer Press Inc.

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From the ocean’s depths arises the mighty Krakenoctus, a squid-like monster of Leviathan proportions. What has awakened this ocean horror is uncertain, though it is clearly enraged by the destructive forces ravaging the Earth, drawn in particular to battle the Planet Eaters and Lords of Cthul. Accompanied by a swirling whirlpool of salt-water, the passage of Krakenoctus has quenched fires that would otherwise have obliterated embattled cities. Despite its alien and imposing demeanor, it seems to have no particular malice toward humanity or the planet’s other defenders.


Agenda: Protectors

Faction: Tritons

Type: Monster


Base Size: 60 mm

PIP: 51057

Release Date: May 17, 2019

Status: Available Now