Malifaux: (Base Tops) 40mm Nythera (2)

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Our base tops are perfect to enhance the bases of your Malifaux miniatures. They are thin inserts etched with a themed design. Designed to be glued onto a regular Malifaux base, fit perfectly, and provide the perfect decoration for your best miniatures. 

The bases are etched depicting a eroded outdoor terrain, making them perfect for any Far west oriented Malifaux bands like The latigo posse. The base tops will fit perfectly on the Malifaux bases of 30, 40 y 50 mm. The product could be bought for each size. 

The base tops are fabricated in Hard density cardboard. A durable material but with a thickness of only 0,32 mm, ensuring that they will hardly increase the base height. 

All of the pieces are designed in collaboration with Wyrd games to be perfectly compatible with Malifaux. 

Material: Hard density cardboard and MDF decorations. 

Thickness: 0,32 mm 

Size: 23/32/40 mm to fit perfectly in each base. 

Quantity: 2 or 5 base tops 

Use: Decorative base top for Malifaux miniatures. 
Note: This product is sold unpainted and unmounted, you will need glue to assemble it. The product does not include a regular Malifaux base.