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ColorED COMPLETE Circus Set

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This is an awesome themed table set. Order this creepty circus terrain set and be the envy of your gaming group.

This entire set fills a table with awesome looking and themed terrain - Your one stop purchase to a great and thematic malifaux table !

Plast Craft Items included in this set:

PCG MF011 Circus Stage MSRP $25

PCG MF012 Circus Entrance MSRP $25

PCG MF013 Circus Stand MSRP $18.75

PCG MF014 Big Top Stage MSRP $68.75

PCG MF015 Passage of Terror (Haunted House) MSRP $22.50

PCG MF016 Circus Wagon Set MSRP $43.75

PCG MF017 Circus Prop Set MSRP $15

That's a total of $218.75 MSRP That we are offering for $145, a savings of about 30%!

 This entire set also ships for just 3.99 in the USA !!

 At this time we are unable to offer the terrain set to our overseas friends. (we are based in the USA) - postage rates are too high for us to cover the cost. If you feel that you absolutely must have this and can not order yours locally, please contact us before ordering.