Malifaux Plastcraft Terrain: ColorED City COMPLETE Set

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This complete table set is the perfect backdrop for a thematic Malifaux setting.

Designed with Malifaux in mind, this is a one stop shop for a full table of terrain.

Contains the Following FULLY colored terrain pieces :

PCG MF018  Plast Craft ColorED Malifaux Terrain: Downtown Building          $46.49
PCG MF019  Plast Craft ColorED Malifaux Terrain: The Tower                        $47.52
PCG MF020 Plast Craft ColorED Malifaux Terrain: Graveyard Set                   $25.83
PCG MF021 Plast Craft ColorED Malifaux Terrain: Sewers Walkway Set         $57.85 
PCG MF022 Plast Craft ColorED Malifaux Terrain: Downtown Walkway Set    $30.99

Also Contains the following Gadzooks resin/plastic scatter terrain package - The following are NOT ColorED and will require painting - 

10 Mixed Crates - 10.00 Value

10 Mixed Barrels - 10.00 Value

2 Wooden Carts - 8.00 Value


This package retails at a grand total of - 237.00 !


Grab this entire package here for 170.00 - just about a 70.00 savings over msrp !


Plus this entire set will ship for just 3.99 !

 At this time we are unable to offer the terrain set to our overseas friends. (we are based in the USA) - postage rates are too high for us to cover the cost. If you feel that you absolutely must have this and can not order yours locally, please contact us before ordering.