Abyssinia Unit Box Mehal Sefari WYR40155

Abyssinia Unit Box Mehal Sefari WYR40155

Wyrd Miniatures

$ 3.00 
SKU: WYR40155

Box includes:  9 Pre-assembled minis, bases and stat cards.

The empire of Abyssinia is led by the Emperor, who is in turn assisted by a large number  of aristocrats that help govern its cities and regions.  These individuals make up a large and complex Imperial line of succession and the Mehal Segari are tasked with protecting the throne.  Equipped with their powerful takoba swords and machine guns, the Mehal Sefari are ready to lay down their lives for their charges and for the empire of Abyssinia.  

On the tabletop, Mehal Sefari function best in a bodyguard role, which most often means that they are supporting your Commanders.  They are quite effective combatants, but their ability to gain Reinforcement and Tactics Tokens sets them apart from less elite units.