Mats by Mars

Mushroom Forest Base Insert Stickers - Stick to Basics (30, 40, 50 mm)

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Bringing the detail and immersive imagery of your favorite tabletop settings to life, the Mats by Mars: Stick to Basics basing inserts get the job done in seconds.

Create city streets, swamp settings, bar room floors, and in seconds without even getting out the primer!  Got a lot of bases to do?  This product delivers consistent basing from start to finish, at a cost that allows every model to hit the table beautiful.  Simply peel the pre-cut insertsoff the transfer sheet and apply!

Keep it simple -  Stick to Basics!

This bundle gives you everything you some of each popular size to get your force table ready.

Product Specific:

30x 30mm 

16x  40mm

6x 50mm

Base inserts fit within the recess of rounded lip bases.


Step-by-step Guide by Mars: