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Prevailers Archangel Unit Box

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Prevailers Archangel unit Box MSRP $65

The Archangels are the three most advanced weapons in the Prevailer Council’s private army. Whether it is Michael’s flaming sword, Raphael’s light of judgment, or Gabriel’s booming voice – they bring the will of the Divine to the battlefield!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The Archangels will be feature models in a Forsaken: Prevailers warband. 
• Each of the Archangels bring a melee and a ranged attack to the tabletop, but each has a different approach. Michael is focused of destroying things with fire and shrugging off most incoming attacks. Gabriel brings the wrath of God by knocking enemy down and stunning them so that he can finish them ff with a flurry of hammer blows. Raphael is also more than capable of killing the enemy, but his ranged attack can also restore friendly models, a perfect combination with his Medic ability.