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Prevailers Command Box

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Prevailers Command Box MSRP $60

The Prevailer Council rules Forsaken society from the top of their Keep at the center of New Ashkelon. They send out the Saints (and their followers) on various missions designed to not only keep humanity 
safe, but to keep the Prevailers at the top of the heap. Grand Templar Marius and Esh stand ready to lead the Prevailers’ private army, while Lilith and the Voice support the troops in other, more secretive ways.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The Grand Templar Marius and Lilith are leaders, the Voice of the Prevailers and Esh will be elite individuals in a Forsaken: Prevailers warband. 
• The Prevailer Council have a very extensive private army and these models lead and support that force in different ways. Lilith is a commander who knows the best ways to stay alive and goad her guards on to spectacular feats. Grand Templar Marius is a tank of a man, designed for close combat against all-comers. Esh stands ready to reap the enemy in close combat too, and can enhance the Prevailer Flock. The Voice of the Prevailers works best when standing back and casting her psychogenic powers which keep the Prevailers in the fight a bit longer, and strengthen them for battle against the heretics.

Box contains: one (1) Prevailer Lilith model, one (1) Grand Templar Marius model, one (1) Esh model, one (1) Voice of the Prevailers, three (3) Cherub models, one (1) 40mm base, six (6) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.