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Prevailers Skylancer Unit Box

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Skylancers Unit Box MSRP $30

Under the watchful eye of the scrutinizing Sight of the Prevailers, the Skylancers are rapid assault troops unlike any other. Harnessing the storm, they fly in like the wind and smite their enemies with lightning!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The Skylancers will be elite troopers in a Forsaken: Prevailers warband. 
• Harnessing some of the greatest technology to be unearthed on Samaria, the Skylancers are swift and study when you boost their armor via their power generator. Use this to get them into position, typically on rooftops, ready to ambush the enemy. Once in place, power up their lances to improve theor chances of cutting down the enemy.

Box contains: three (3) Skylancer models, one (1) Sight of the Prevailers model, four (4) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.