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Saint Isaac Faction Box

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Saint Isaac Faction Box MSRP $70

A reminder of the technology from a lost age, Saint Isaac and his highly trained Controllers use scandalous levels of computerized warriors to decimate humanity’s foes. The Forsaken may forget a lot of the world before, but Saint Isaac’s forces remember.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The 700 points of models in this box are the ideal way to start a Forsaken: St. Isaac collection. 
• Saint Isaac’s specialists are very focused on using their superior firepower bring down his enemies. Saint 
Isaac provides cover fire for his troops and programming support for his robots. Controllers act as the second line troops, firing their carbines over the heads of their robotic charges. The Prometheus and Centipede Robots also pack considerable firepower, capable of cleansing with fire or melting with lasers respectively. The robots are also the only troops capable of fighting in close combat, so the force needs to take a much more strategic approach to the battlefield.

Box contains: one (1) Saint Isaac model, three (3) Controller models, two (2) Centipede models, one (1) Prometheus model, four (4) 30mm bases, two (2) 40mm bases, one (1) 50mm base, and their Dark Age unit cards.