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Saint Joan Faction Box

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The youngest and the newest of her peers, Saint Joan has given her life and her unique precognitive powers to the Forsaken way of life. Her followers are devices of destiny, fighting to prove fate is in humanity’s hands.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The 925 points of models in this box are the ideal way to start a Forsaken: St. Joan collection. 
• Saint Joan’s specialists are a force designed to rush forward, spread panic, and then capitalize on that. Saint Joan is the only saint capable of using psychogenic powers, most of which are designed to disrupt enemy lines. The Sin Eaters and Deathknights are all about brutal close combat, while the Inquisitor can deal death up close and at range. The Furies are designed to work together and include a ranged specialist, a combat specialist, and an all-rounder capable of both. The Grey Lady is just about the best assassin in the game.

Box contains: one (1) Saint Joan model, three (3) Furies models, two (2) Deathknight models, two (2) Sin Eater models, one (1) Inquisitor model, one (1) Grey Lady model, ten (10) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.