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Saint John Faction Box

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Saint John Faction Box MSRP $50

The most pious of Forsaken warriors elevated to the level of Saint, John and his devout warriors of the faith push ever forward into the face of the enemy. If you stand against the Forsaken, you must prepare to be smote by the hammers of Saint John.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The 700 points of models in this box are the ideal way to start a Forsaken: St. John collection. 
• Saint John and his specialists are truly the techno-paladins of the world. While Saint John excels at close combat, he can also deliver a few surprises at range. His Paladins and Faithful are best used in the front lines, using their armor and faith to stick around while they dispense stunning justice with their scourges and hammers. Sir James is the bannerman that provides buffs for John’s followers, and Elijah is the deadly, infiltrating scout that provides strategic information for John as well as taking down key opponents.

Box contains: one (1) Saint John model, three (3) Faithful models, two (2) Paladin models, one (1) Elijah model, one (1) Sir James model, five (5) 40mm bases, three (3) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.