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Saint Luke Faction Box

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Product Description

Encased in a mechanical suit that serves as his life support as well as his badge of office, Saint Luke is a living war machine. His followers know only a life of soldiering in the Bull Saint’s shadow as faceless warriors that fearlessly fight for him and his cause.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The 650 points of models in this box are the ideal way to start a Forsaken: St. Luke collection. 
• Saint Luke’s specialists work much like contemporary SWAT units, where synergy and teamwork are the most important things to cover. Saint Luke is a brutal warrior, encased in his life-saving suit of ancient armor, able to switch between his signature spear and combat shotgun each round. The Arsenals and Stingers work in tandem, using their smoke bombs to cover their approach then knocking down opponents with their shotguns before finishing them off with their spears and fading back into the smoke. Marionette and Zuriel provide support for the troops, in close combat and with combat drugs for the former, and at range and with Superior Maintenance for the latter.

Box contains: one (1) Saint Luke model, three (3) Stingers models, two (2) Arsenal models, one (1) Zuriel model, one (1) Marionette model, one (1) 40mm base, seven (7) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.