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Scorpius Box

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Created by his former masters to serve at Saint Johann’s heel, the Scorpius is a hulking terror that thrives on snatching up and tearing apart anyone or anything the Heretic decides is a threat – or simply food for the beast!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• This will be a feature model in a Forsaken: Followers of the Heretic warband. 
• The Scorpius is ideal for destroying a cluster of enemy line troopers, enemy leaders, and also deending important objectives and choke points. Powerful attacks and high armor make the Scorpius difficult to deal with.

Box contains: one (1) Scorpius model, one (1) 80mm base, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

her simple explosive devices to try and make up for their lack of training when called to battle. One way or another, they will do their part!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures 
• The Militia are line troopers in a Forsaken warband. 
• The Militia are best used chasing after objectives, or acting as distractions, leading larger opponents away from their missions.

Box contains: three (3) Militia models, three (3) 30mm bases, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

Miniatures come unpainted and some assembly may be required.