The Soul Hunters Detachment Set WEX101099006

The Soul Hunters Detachment Set  WEX101099006
The Soul Hunters Detachment Set  WEX101099006
The Soul Hunters Detachment Set  WEX101099006
The Soul Hunters Detachment Set  WEX101099006
The Soul Hunters Detachment Set  WEX101099006
The Soul Hunters Detachment Set  WEX101099006

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To the common man, the Covenant of the Enlightened are little more than an exclusive club of intellectuals and aristocrats who sit in grand drawing rooms talking much and doing little. While the Covenant are at great pains to show that the reality is far removed from this, it must be acknowledged that there are some groups within the Enlightened who more closely resemble this stereotype than they would like to admit.

One such group of these is the Hook and Ladder Club in New York City, so named due to their premises being located in a building that was originally destined for the nascent Fire Department. The club members specialise in the emergent field of parapsychology, a subject that the common man might call supernatural.

The club's current Auger, Warwick Hudson, leads all manner of discussions and theorising into matters ephemeral and improbable. Like the club's founders, Hudson believes that all things can be explained by applying the scientific method. He maintains that they are in an age of Industrial 'super-science' and that any reports of strange and mysterious happenings from the "Wild West" of America or the "Lost World" of Antarctica are simply exaggerated or misunderstood by unreliable witnesses.
Under the terms of his sponsorship by the British aristocrat, Lord Buckland, Auger Hudson is required to have his scientific merits officially recognised and that will require fieldwork. Hudson has been working for many months to assemble his team and to prepare them with such equipment as the most dangerous of environments and situations require. Armed with an array of esoteric and highly experimental weaponry, Hudson is set upon venturing forth and collecting enough data to present to the Hook and Ladder Club, therefore securing himself a position as a Peer of the Covenant in his own right. Hudson and his Soul Hunters (as the lurid press would daub them) follow up reports of 'spectral etherics' around the globe. Major expeditions are underway to both the Badlands of the Union as well as the Antarctic interior.

At Auger's right hand is Erin Meltzer, a scientist and researcher with a passion for uncovering the unknown that almost burns as bright as his own. She is particularly fascinated by reports in the Badlands of Montana of animals growing to an almost impossible size and imbued with some etheric properties. Ernesto Volk is similarly obsessed with the physical, though more often his thoughts are of his own impressive physique and he has a reputation in the club as a pugilist of some renown, a skill he developed while he studied at University in Greenwich Village.

Hans Spelmann is the quiet, contemplative member of the group and will often only contribute to a discussion when he deems it a necessity. The newly discovered flora and flora of the Lost World is of great interest and he believes that the energies that have brought about such fantastical evolution are linked to the spectral anomalies found elsewhere. Jocasta Tobin is the writer and archivist of the Hook and Ladder Club, she documents all of their research and theories and promises to one day publish them as a guide to future investigators into the unexplained. Finally, Katherine Holst is the engineering risk-taker and the most outgoing of them all. It was Holst who collaborated with the French scientist Girauld Eres (before his terrible accident) and made possible the spectral containment technology on which their research now relies so heavily upon.

The Soul Hunters Detachment kit builds six multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Auger Warwick Hudson
  • 1x Erin Meltzer
  • 1x Ernesto Volk
  • 1x Hans Spelmann
  • 1x Jocasta Tobin
  • 1x Katherine Holst
  • 6x Base

The Soul Hunters Detachment can be used in games of both Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus.


Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.