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Play D&D with us!


SOLD OUT:  July 20, 8:00 PM - Learn to Play D&D - One Night Beginner-Friendly Adventure.

  • New Players welcome!  (Mature Audience) 
  • Play a character we have prepared, or bring your own!  (Level 1)
  • We have extra dice, minis, etc for you to borrow during the game!



Young Adventurers:

No young adventurer events Scheduled at this time.


Learn to Paint with us!



July 27, 2024:  2:00PM:  Learn to Paint Miniatures (Level 1 - Rocky)

July 27, 2024:  6:30 PM:  Advanced Learn to Paint Miniatures (Level 2 - Lava Base)

August 3, 2024:  7:30 PM:  Learn to Paint Miniatures (Level 1.5 - D&D Size Mini)

Miniatures Games:

April 20, 2024:  Learn to Play Malifaux