Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  How do I contact customer service?

A:  The best way and fastest to reach support or discuss a custom order is through the Facebook page - Send us a direct message !


Gadzooks Facebook Page

 Alternatively, you may also send an email to


Q:  How are your resin products made?  Can they be painted?

A:  Most of the products on the website are resin-cast by hand.  Due to the nature of resin casting, many of the products will contain tiny air bubbles, some of which may make it to the surface.  At times, residue from the casting process (we use a silicone based lubricant to help the process) may still be present on the surface of the products.  Washing your products in warm soapy water is recommended as it will remove any leftover residue.  If you try to paint these unwashed, you are going to ruin your weekend.  We mean it, the resin needs to be washed.  Don't go cheap on the soap either.  Material Safety Data Sheets for all materials used in the casing process are available upon request.  Color shades will likely vary from one product to the next, so if you want products to be the same shade, painting is highly recommended. If you have trouble getting paint to stick, wash them again in soapy water and ensure that you are using a high quality primer before attempting to paint on colors.  Don't go cheap on the soap or the primer if you want to be happy with the results!

  How I pay for my order?

A:  Because the site is powered by Shopify, you may use any payment method accepted by Shopify.  This includes most major Credit/Debt cards.  


Q:  How long does it take to receive my order?

A:  Under normal circumstances, most orders are shipped out within 3-4 business days.  Larger orders or orders made during peak sales periods may experience minor delays.  Once shipped, your order will arrive in 3-7 days in most cases.  International orders may take a little while longer.  Please see your local postal carrier for more information, products are shipped out of New Jersey, USA.  Custom orders will depend on the nature of the project.


Q: I live in (Insert far away land), do you ship to me ??

A: Chances are Yes we do !

Shopify offers a very close estimation on shipping fees to almost every where in the world. We try to be as accurate as possible on all of our items weights and sizes so that it calculates properly.

Please contact us for exact shipping quotes if you plan on ordering, We try to do our best to give the most accurate quotes possible through the checkout system but any extra weight or size charges incurred will be billed separately before your order will ship. 

We will of course contact you if there are any issues with your international order.


Notice on Free Shipping coupons and orders with free shipping :

We normally use the US Postal Service for all of our shipping needs. On some heavy or large orders we may opt to use a secondary shipping method such as UPS FEDEX or DHL .

ALL free shipping coupon orders and sale orders will be shipped using the most cost effective method - Which is usually ground or combination services. Contact us for costs associated with any sort of shipping upgrade if you wish to be upgraded from a ground service to a priority delivery service.