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Kolinsky Hobby Paint Brushes (New Style)

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Selection of five (5) paint brushes suitable for painting miniatures.  Designed by gamers for gamers, this set of brushes provides the amateur and expert alike with a selection of brushes that will get results!  

Brushes (along with suggested uses):

  • Mother - Size 3 Kolinsky brush used for priming, base coating, color application, etc.
  • Utility - Size 1 Kolinsky hair brush used for medium details, color application, etc.
  • Micro - Size 10/0 Kolinsky hair brush used for small details, free-hand designs, etc.
  • Dry Brush - Kolinsky hair used for washes, dry brushing, painting large flat surfaces.
  • Finisher - Size 0 Kolinsky hair brush intermediate sized brush, used for post-dry brushing detail work.

We think that these brushes are a good balance of quality and price and we hope that you enjoy using them as much as we do!