Beyond The Hunt for the Prometheus

Beyond The Hunt for the Prometheus


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After Helsinki Markov's treachery stole the Prometheus away from its creators there has been a bitter rivalry between the Covenant of the Enlightened and the Commonwealth. Certain Peers of the Enlightened have decided to make an example of the Commonwealth for such an audacious heist and show that they have as much military influence as any of the Great Powers. As for the Okhrana, the Commonwealth Intelligence Service, they hope for more secrets of the age to be unlocked by luring the various automata and advanced enemy vessels into engagements that they can't hope to escape from. With the plan of dissecting any captured inventions for reverse engineering.

With the help of Mongolian offshore platforms and a web of false leads, the Okhrana have orchestrated for an Enlightened battlefleet to be in place for an ambush. The Commonwealth now has engineering marvels of their own in the shape of Vitruvian Colossi. Will the Enlightened fall for the trap or have the Commonwealth bitten off more than they can chew?

This box contains:

  • 2x Marena Vitruvian Colossus
    • Can also be built as Kostroma Vitruvian Colossus
  • 4x Boyar Heavy Frigate
  • 2x Sets of Platforms
  • 2x Assault Machine
    • Can be built as either a Ketos or Lotan Class machine
  • 2x Advanced Cruiser
    • Can be built as either a Newton, Zumeena, Vesalius or Origen Class ship
  • 2x Enlightened Escort
  • 2x Orca Token
  • 2x Mine Markers
  • 2x Wreck Markers
  • 1x Rule Book
  • 1x Campaign Book
  • 20x Action Dice
  • 6x Critical Dice
  • 1x Token Set

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.