Binh Nguyen M3E

Binh Nguyen M3E
Binh Nguyen M3E
Binh Nguyen M3E
Binh Nguyen M3E

Wyrd Miniatures

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32mm Scale
Allegiance: Court of Two

Binh Nguyen is a powerful spirit within the Court of Two, with an uncanny knack for controlling the spirits wandering around him. As a subservient representative of the Court of Two, Binh dons a special mask, tethering his spirit to the realm, forcing him to do the court's bidding.

On the tabletop, Binh can provide debilitating area effects for his company, while still providing much needed support through his rare ability to gain Tactics Tokens.

This model is compatible with Malifaux 3E as Datsue Ba and the M3E card is included.

Plastic components.

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Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.