Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings (2-Player Starter Core Set)

Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings (2-Player Starter Core Set)

Para Bellum

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The Hundred Kingdoms

1 Mounted Noble Lord: Bred and trained for battle from birth, the Mounted Noble Lord leads the forces of the Hundred Kingdoms.

24 Men-at-Arms: Professional soldiers, drawn from a population and militarized society that has not known peace for over four hundred years.

12 Mercenary Crossbowmen: Descended from the Geronese Free Companies, these Crossbowmen rank amongst the best marksmen available to an enterprising commander.

3 Household Knights: The ultimate weapon available to the Hundred Kingdoms nobility, the charge of these Knights has shattered countless formations across centuries of war.

The Spires
1 Pheromancer: Called upon by his distant masters, the Pheromancer marches to war at the head of his freakish host using his powers to command this inhuman host.

24 Force-Grown Drones: The tall shields and spears of the pitiful wretches do little to disguise the truth: they are bred not to fight, but to die at their appointed time.

3 Brute Drones: Towering masses of vat grown muscle and aggression, Brute Drones are the result of recall experiments in growth hormones and muscle enhancers.

1 Abomination: A, a creature so twisted and savage that even the minds who conceived of it hesitate to lead it into combat. leaving that task to the Pheromancers.

69 Plastic Miniatures,6 model markers , 1 Rule Book , 12 Dice , 20 Cards