Para Bellum

$ 16.00 $ 20.00

1 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base, 1 Command Card

To look upon a Biomancer is to look upon Biomancy itself. These are the favored agents of the Directorate, and the full resources of their twisted genius are at their disposal. Everything about them; from their clothing to the menagerie that follows them, even their very bodies, are the direct product of a Biomantic process.

Standing six feet tall, their spindly bodies have been adapted to the rigors of their academic life. Digestive systems have been reduced to minimize distractions.  Their senses, particularly sight and smell, have been enhanced to an astounding degree, so much so that the clothing they wear to battle is designed to reduce the sensory overload, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. And the task is only ever the furtherance of the Directorate’s plans, first and foremost.

So long as the Directorate’s plans are uninterrupted, loyal and capable Biomancers enjoy an almost unparalleled autonomy and discretion to pursue their own goals. In the reality of the competitive environment of their peers, however, the matter is never so simple. Those of them who have survived and advanced, have learned that while there is some latitude, loyalty and genius will only take you so far. With so many prospective candidates willing to literally kill for the position, demotion and death could be as little as a mistake away.

Ruthlessly culled and honed by this environment, one can be certain that those Biomancers he encounters all share the same sharp, cruel intelligence and the will to use it mercilessly. In the complex political arena of the Spires, all commanders know that inviting a Biomancer to the field of battle is a calculated risk. Their duplicitous nature and the primacy of the Directorate’s will in their agenda is common knowledge, but the power they wield is one of the greatest force multipliers the Spires could hope to possess.

Biomancers have moved well past the crude art of Pheromancy, affecting the flesh of their subjects directly. While this would normally be impossible outside of the laboratory conditions they normally enjoy, almost all the troops of the Spires are spawned under the auspices of the Directorate. Their flesh is riddled with alterations and unfinished changes primed and waiting for the sorcerous efforts of the Biomancers.

That is the true mastery and science of the Directorate. The creation of cheap, disposable troops is only half the equation, the other half being the cruel and precise genius in their designs, by priming those same troops to become a blank canvas for field operatives to display their true twisted virtuosity. Isolated pockets of nutrients can be used to effect swift and crude healing operations, while bone spurs and dormant glands can be activated at a moment’s notice to enact even more drastic changes. The toll that this takes on their charges is of little consequence to Biomancers, so long as their will, and that of the Directorate, are fulfilled. Oh, and winning the battle of course…