Constructed Henchmen (5) WEX101013008

Constructed Henchmen (5) WEX101013008

Warcradle Studios

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The greatest scientific minds of a generation have been twisted and corrupted by the whispered words of a dark and mysterious force. Once, in another reality, soaring towers of graceful steel would have risen up into the sky built by these men. But now brutal machines of destruction, powered by the very essence of evil, seek to crush the ignorant beneath their iron weight. Medicine that could have saved countless lives now drags the helpless dead back into the land of the living. Mindless automatons moving solely at the direction of these crazed geniuses. Men so convinced of the purity of their own motives and ideals that nothing can be allowed to question them. Once heralded as the saviours of mankind, they now stand to provide the tools and weapons set on destroying all living things on earth.
This contains

5x Constructed Henchmen Miniatures
5x Bases

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.