Crimson League Battlefleet Set

Crimson League Battlefleet Set
Crimson League Battlefleet Set
Crimson League Battlefleet Set
Crimson League Battlefleet Set

Warcradle Studios

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Ever since the coronation of Sultan Mustafa, Princess Scheherazade has kept herself amused using the funds she received from the government of her brother to continue her research as a member of the Covenant of Enlightened. She was instrumental in funding and developing several Covenant projects and served as a Covenant ambassador to several capitals during the early years of her brother’s reign. Exactly what role she played in the Covenant’s Schism is unclear – as is our understanding of the event.

In any case, her talents as both a leader and a strategist called her to explore other avenues for profit and adventure – and she expanded her own ‘Promethean Complex’ into a veritable armoury, developing many different advanced weapons for sale to the Great Powers or for the use of Enlightened forces. Her contact with the Covenant’s “warmaster” Schneider fostered an interest in military activities and the romance of a mercenary life. It is no surprise that the Princess established her own mercenary outfit early in her Covenant career. [Postscript: We believe the princess is operating from somewhere in Morocco, although that is pure conjecture. I would ask that we consider a detachment of Iapetus or Astraea to investigate.]

This ‘Crimson League’ is dismissed as a vanity project so far as I gather amongst the halls of power. Staffed uniformly by noble adventurers and outlandish aristocrats, the organisation has nonetheless developed a reputation amongst certain quarters as highly effective. Reports garnered from their operational activities indicate a technologically advanced force of unique aerial vehicles and experienced crews, capable of working together despite their flamboyant personalities and wreaking havoc in their wake. [Postscript: A contract with the Crimson League can run into expenses of hundreds of thousands in Sterling so I am told.]

The Crimson League has become a thorn in the side of the Sublime Porte – frequently striking at perceived threats to the Sultanate without the government’s blessing at the whim of the Exiled Princess and frequently making a diplomatic nuisance of themselves. There is a more worrying side to these concerns however, if the Sultan were to fall, would his infant son be able to rally the military to his side against the might of the House of Gold? And would the Exiled Princess simply sit out and allow her nephew to succeed to the throne that she believes is rightfully hers? And if she did intervene – would she bring the Crimson League with her? [Postscript: I believe a comparison with the Commonwealth’s Black Wolf and his proximity to the Tzar’s court would be apt here.]

An excerpt from a file sent -
FROM: Sir Humphrey Attlee, Permanent Secretary GCB, KBC, MVO, MA (Oxon)
TO: The Rt Hon Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons, GCB, GCMG, PC
17th May 1873


  • 1x Lyceum Aerial Dreadnought (may also be built as the Badroulbadour)
  • 4x Nasr Skyship (may also be built as Awsbiri or Muharib Class)
  • 4x Hirka Skycutters
  • 4x Alsaqr Skybarques

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.