Cultists of the Old Gods (3 Miniatures)

Cultists of the Old Gods (3 Miniatures)

Modiphius Entertainment

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As representatives of ancient powers these Cultists of the Old Gods will sometimes summon various mythos creatures for their services. Their robes cover the remaining flesh they have from once being human. With twisted tentacles form their faces and only one unblinking unsettling eye, these Cultists are vicious beasts.

Each of these three Cultists are prepared for war. With one holding a sharp hand-crafted sword, another raising a staff in one hand while the other hand holds ancient scrolls of power.


3 x Metal 28mm Achtung! Cthulhu Cultisits of the Old Gods, Mythos creature miniatures

3 x 30mm Raised lip round bases

Please Note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required.