Draugr Guardians - Resin

Draugr Guardians - Resin

Modiphius Entertainment

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SKU: MUH052059

32mm Scale

Woe to the unwary explorer who delves deep into the burial crypts of the ancient Nords, and disturbs the Draugr that dwell within. Expand your deathless Draugr forces with three mighty restless Draugr with axe and shield. Harry your foes with Draugr warriors, dangerous minions armed with swords and a burning hatred for the living. This set contains six 32mm scale high quality multi-part miniatures with scenic bases.

Resin components.

3 Draugr Warriors with Swords
3 Restless Draugr with Axe
6 Scenic Bases (30mm)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.