Enlightened Advanced Squadrons

Enlightened Advanced Squadrons


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The Newton class are built by the Yemoja shipyard around a massive spatial displacement drive known as a Void Engine. Able to tear a passage through two otherwise unconnected locations, the Void Engines use technology developed at Wells Chasm.

Dedicated energy transfer conduits allow these floating power stations to augment nearby vessels. Though the Zumeena class is particularly vulnerable to enemy aggression, the benefit to Enlightened scientific advancement far outweighs any loss of life amongst their crews. Not every Covenant Commodore has access to a Descartes Control Ship and so the Yemoja shipyard created the Vesalius to ensure that the welfare and effectiveness of their cetacean allies is maintained. Of course, in a faction that rarely does things by half measures, there are certain fleets that contain multiple Descartes and Vesalius to support hundreds of Physeters.

A battlefleet represents a huge investment of resources and talent for the Covenant of the Enlightened. Deploying several Origen class Lathe Ships in support, ensures that the risks to such an investment are greatly reduced. Technically an oceanid assault automata rather than a true colossus as it lacks a human crew, the Ketos utilise Sturginium Agitators to wreak carnage against enemy capital ships. The insectile Ketos relies on surprise and cold machine logic to maximise the impact of their attacks.

Designed by Paulette Aronnax, Lotan are amongst the most common of her oceanid assault automata. Shadowing Enlightened convoys, these segmented machines strike unexpectedly when needed, bringing their terrifying Coeus Shockmaw down to rip apart vessels like a sea monster of myth.

This box contains:

  • 2x Advance Cruisers
    • (Can be built as either a Newton, Zumeena, Vesalius or Origen Class ship)
  • 2x Assault Machines
    • (Can be built as either a Ketos or Lotan Class machine)
  • 2x Enlightened Escorts
  • 2x Orca Tokens

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.