Explorer's Society Fate Deck

Explorer's Society Fate Deck

Wyrd Miniatures

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Originally established as a means to reinvigorate the long-dulled sense of adventure of its founder, the Explorer’s Society has since expanded to focus on unfurling the mysteries of Malifaux and beyond. These aristocrats, dark tourists, and pioneers venture into the unknown corners of this world to seek knowledge, discover new locations, and hunt big game. While their motivations are unclear, their recent push to amass rare artefacts is not.

Malifaux uses cards, not dice, and these beautifully illustrated, poker-sized (2.5" x 3.5") Card Packs are called Fate Decks. Two Fate Decks are needed to play the game, one for each player. These Decks may be used to play Malifaux, the Other Side, or Puppet Wars.

Please Note:

  • One Explorer's Society Faction Fate Deck set supplied.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.