Fallout RPG: Wasteland Warfare - Boston Searchables

Fallout RPG: Wasteland Warfare - Boston Searchables

Modiphius Entertainment

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The ruins of Boston offer rich pickings for those with the bravery or might to explore them. The detritus of fallen civilisation can provide all manner of rewards. What may have once been scrap can be repurposed into materials to customise equipment or build better and safer shelters for you and your allies. From broken fridges and Eat-O-Tronic, to hidden safes and abandoned office furniture, treasures await those willing to risk the once bustling metropolis of downtown Boston.

This blister pack contains 8 high quality resin 32mm scenery pieces to detail your gaming tables and provide thematic scenario objectives. Come un-assembled and un-painted. 

Contents -
2 x Fridge
2 x Safe
2 x Deskside Cabinet
2 x Eat-O-Tronic