Hamelin M3E Single Model (Hamelin Core Box)

Hamelin M3E Single Model  (Hamelin Core Box)

Wyrd Miniatures

$ 16.00 
SKU: WYR23519

 This features one plastic model, sold un-assembled and un-painted along with a Malifaux M3E stat card and blank base.  Upgrades are not included.

This is an out-of-box single model, some parts will be on sprue, some may be loose.  It will include a stat card for the base model.  Cards are matched only by stats with models, we do not check the pose of the model against the cards supplied.  If this is a special edition model, it may not have the correct character name.  We are not responsible if Wyrd has changed any of the text on the card in FAQ's or Erratas, we can only supply you with the card that came with the model.