Legendary Marie Laveau

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When holding court in her bayou Marie is another person altogether as if the bestial creature that breaks men so contemptuously is but another glamour of hers. Here she is a tender and kindly figure to the swamp peoples of Louisiana. She is sage and midwife, mother and patron to those who share her homeland. She does not wear her glamour whilst on her home soil, the people she walks amongst knowing and loving her despite her appearance. With the same arms and tentacles she would wring the life from a mortal soldier she cradles the children and new born of the swamp lands. Family means much to Marie Leveau for she has nurtured her people since they first arrived in her lands and she is never more terrible than when they are threatened. It is for that reason that the Union has not made a more concerted effort to move into her territories though they do not know the true nature of the forces that sabotage their forward posts or leave their pioneer forts little more than stinking charnel houses. 

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