Limited Edition Bronze Version (Painted) - Boar Vessel

Limited Edition Bronze Version (Painted) -  Boar Vessel

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A 3D printed resin parody of the Boar Vessel, 600-500 BC, Estruscan, ceramic" from the Cleveland Museum of Art as seen in the infamous memes:


This item is an original sculpture inspired by the same meme-inspiring piece in the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  This item was created by Donny to help offset the cost of his tuition towards his university studies in world history and the attendance of archaeology field schools and excavations.  

The resin boars are 3D printed on a Form2 3D printer using resin from Apply Labworks (  The unpainted resin boars will be mailed with some or all of the support structures used in the printing process still attached.  The painted resin boars are post-print-processed by hand and as such each one will be unique.



We accept no responsibility, liability, or anything in regards to this or any other product.  No warranty is offered.  


For more information, please email Donny:


Painted to "tabletop quality," this is sure to be the envy of your fellow memesters!