Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos

Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos
Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set - Mythos

Warcradle Studios

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SKU: MTH12001

The Odani Travellers Faction Starter Set builds seven multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Max Calderas
  • 1x Talia Calderas
  • 1x Stefan Calderas
  • 1x Pali
  • 1x Taka
  • 1x Amran
  • 1x Vida Calderas
  • 7x Base


Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Cards are not included and can be found on the Mythos website.

 The future may not be read with impunity. The threads of destiny for a person are wrapped through the days of their lives, known only to the omniscient beings known to their followers as the Fates. The secrets of the Fates are hidden from the eyes of mere mortals and only those with the gift of Mythos may begin to lift that veil. For the Odani people, as servants to the Fates, the gift of foresight is passed down through the female line. From Mother to Daughter, the ability to see that what will be has allowed the Travellers to remain healthy, wealthy and wise. Of course, it has the added benefit of staying one step ahead of any authorities that wish to limit their nomadic lifestyle.

The Odani camp moves from the outskirts of neighbouring towns across America, never staying more than a few days at any location. On arrival, the extended families of the Odani set up their stalls with attractions and shows to entice locals to part with a few dollars in the name of entertainment. The highlight of the Odani Traveller’s arrival is the dazzling performances beneath their canvas tent. Colourful, exotic and always greeting visitors with a toothy smile, the demeanour of the Odani is designed to beguile the public.

In the Shadow War, the knowledge of the Fates combined with skilful misdirection is one of the Odani’s strengths which, they hope, will enable them to survive the ruin of humanity. To this end, it is often the case that a handful of local people will go missing shortly after the wagons of the Odani leave town. Usually, such disappearances go unreported and unremarked. Those that vanish are often from the fringes of society or have led a difficult life up to that point. The gift of the Odani means that the fate of their victims are already known to the travellers from the moment they meet them. Each of the disappeared would inadvertently or directly contribute to some great calamity in the Odani’s future. But destiny is a fickle creature and for each life taken and each doom averted, a new ill omen seems to materialise cursing the Odani to redouble their efforts in the face of this oncoming storm. If there is one thing the Odani are learning over the generations, it is that you cannot cheat the Fates.

One of the most respected families within the Odani are the Calderas. The patriarch, Max Calderas, commands loyalty and respect from his children as well as the other families in their community. Known simply as ‘Pop’ by his closest kin, Max has the appearance of a veteran strongman, now gone to seed. His fierce appearance is undercut by his disarmingly charming demeanour, making him the ideal frontman for their show. His charm quickly evaporates should his family be threatened or the Fates demand action.

Talia is Max’s wife, although she is often mistakenly assumed to be an older child due to her beguilingly youthful appearance. The blessings of the Fates are plentiful on Talia, able to command spirits and see into the future. A teller of fortunes to the public, while everyone leaves amazed by what they’ve seen, these powers are assumed to be an elaborate trick. In reality, Talia command spirits at the behest of the Fates, with many in thrall to her as servants. Pali is a small and mischievous imp who is seen simply fetching and carrying, though its insatiable appetite makes the devouring of any incriminating evidence a deliciously simple task. Amran is, in contrast, a tall and emaciated figure with pale skin and black teeth. Amran’s elongated limbs make it look a lot bigger than it really is, but its slashing claws can be devastating to anyone unlucky enough to stumble across it.

The Calderas children are as varied as the Fates, with monstrous Caleb and bewitching Nyssa often called on to serve the family’s interests in the Shadow War. But it is Stefan, the eldest and most like Max, who has been marked as the future leader of the Odani. Like his father once did, Stefan performs as a strongman. An enormous man with a shaved scalp and handlebar moustache, Stefan is content, for now, to spend his time lifting weights or caring for the various stray animals the Odani acquire on their travels. Such pastimes are set aside when the family is threatened, Stefan is an intimidating opponent, but he is well aware of how valuable his enemies’ assumptions can be. Often, the strongman plays as a distraction for his youngest sister Vida to resolve matters more subtly with a knife in the enemy’s ribs from behind.