Razor Crest - X-wing 2nd Edition Casual Play 3D Printed Ship

Gadzooks Gaming

$ 15.00 

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This ship is 3D printed on-demand on our Form 3D printer.  Ships are sometimes shipped with supports in place to protect them in transit.

Ships will require cleanup, sanding, etc.; moderate hobby skills required.  Ship does not come with a stand or stand socket - you must either drill a hole or glue a peg to it on your own.

Since Disney has not yet released official dimensions of this ship, we have estimated the size for X-wing.  If you believe this is an error, or would like the ship re-scaled (within say 10-20%) we can do this at no additional charge; just make a note in your cart.  If you'd like it significantly re-scaled, please email us at Gadzooks@gadzooksgaming.com and we will send you a custom quote.