The Batman Who Laughs (Batbox)

The Batman Who Laughs (Batbox)

Knight Models

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A terrible shadow looms over Earth 22. Born as a hybrid between Batman and Joker, Batman Who Laughs is the result of the best of one's deadly abilities and the murderous psychopathy of the other.

Turning even his son, Damian, into an aberrant mock of what he once was and, escorted by his corrupted Robins, Batman Who Laughs will subdue the entire world.


  • 1x Batman Who Laughs miniature
  • 1x Damian Who Laughs miniature
  • 4x Robin Who Laughs miniatures
  • 6x Bases
  • 6x Character Cards
  • 6x Objective Cards
  • 4x Equipment Cards

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.