The Fallen Kingdom - Nightmare Edition M3E (7 Miniatures)

The Fallen Kingdom - Nightmare Edition M3E (7 Miniatures)

Wyrd Miniatures

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1 x Stilzkin (Counts as Mechanical Attendant) 

1 x Lord Galehault, Fallen Prince (Counts as Charles Hoffman, Inventor)

1 x Porphyrion (Counts as Joss) 

1 x The Weeping Huntress (Counts as Melissa K.O.R.E.)

3 X  Hollow Fiends (3) (Count as Watchers)

As you might’ve guessed, the Augmented Keyword have gotten brand-new Nightmare looks:

  • Emaciated Hollow Fiends fly overhead instead of Watchers.

  • Joss and Melissa K.O.R.E. are represented by the colossal Porphyrion and the elegant Weeping Huntress, respectively.

  • Little Stiltzkin has replaced the Mechanical Attendant, though we’re sure he’ll receive just as much love.

  • Leading this force is Charles Hoffman, Inventor’s alternate, Lord Galehault, Fallen Prince. This is the first time we’ve included Titles in the Nightmare Editions, so you can bring either version of the Guild’s beloved engineer onto the field.