Legendary Ghost Wolf

Legendary Ghost Wolf

Warcradle Studios

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"The Great Spirit has given our enemies to us. We are to destroy them. We know of what they are."

These words are attributed to one of the greatest heroes of the Warrior Nation and perhaps suggest a more aggressive approach to the world than he truly represents. In his life, Ghost Wolf has been known by many names, in the manner of his people, but the sobriquet by which he now goes most accurately describes him. His quiet, acts of selfless bravery down the years have earned him a reputation as a man who cares more for the needs of others than he does for those of his own. He is deeply loved and admired by those who are close to him, idolised by those who are near and treated with a respectful caution by any further afield.

A placid and gentle soul in peacetime, Ghost Wolf is insightful and wise, fond of storytelling and enjoying the company of his extensive family. But when he is roused to anger – and it is not easy to bring him to such a state – the beast within is unleashed. When Ghost Wolf calls upon the Great Spirit’s strength and makes the connection with his spirit guide, the wolf can no longer be contained, ripping and tearing its way to the fore. Ghost Wolf’s prowess in times of war is nothing short of mythological. When he transforms, he metamorphoses into something beyond terrifying. The bestial form, wreathed in blue spirit fire is a sight that reduces his enemies to quivering heaps of jelly and which galvanises his own people to acts of greatness. He has led the Warrior Nation in skirmishes against the settlers whose intrusion into their native lands has resulted in so much destruction. Always, the goal is the same. To protect the very ground and air which they all share.

His anger and sorrow at being unable to aid his daughter, Walks Looking, as she fights her own private battles is a personal tragedy for him, but he will not turn his back on her. Their relationship is a complex one, more formal than perhaps it once was.

This product contains

  • 1x Legendary Ghost Wolf Miniature
  • 1x Base


Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.