Wild West Exodus: Spirit Totems

Wild West Exodus: Spirit Totems

Warcradle Studios

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These hand-carved artefacts are a sign of devotion, not only to the spirits of the land but also to the Great Spirit itself. Spirit Totems are placed wherever the Warrior Nation are found, both as markers and as locus to the spirits. Two such totems can be linked through the spirit realm be a shaman or prodigious spirit guide to open a path between those two worlds. It is through these paths that the Warrior Nation can appear wherever they are needed in order to strike at their enemies or withdraw without a trace.

The Spirit Totems kit builds eight multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 2x Large Spirit Totems
  • 6x Small Spirit Totems
  • 8x Bases


Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.