Wild West Exodus: Tainted Biology Posse Box Set

Wild West Exodus: Tainted Biology Posse Box Set

Warcradle Studios

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Dr. Viktor Beitel was once a brilliant scientist whos self-experimentation left him destitute. For years Beitel had been unsuccessfully blending the viscus glowing red fuel with testosterone to increase muscle and bone synthesis. His dream was to find a way to introduce an RJ infused serum into the human body and to harness its power to effectively create an ubermensch - a superhuman. This power could then be sold to the ailing Confederate army and Beitel could retire as a very powerful man in every sense of the word. In the final days of the Ore War, Beitel was part of a Confederate attack on a shipment of RJ-1027 destined for the Union. The Enlighted defending the shipment took a heavy toll on the Confederates and only Beitel survived, with a solitary barrel of RJ for his trouble.

Beitel's dreams began to slip through his fingers as even with such limited resources, the Ore war reached its end and the list of volunteers willing to risk their lives in such a manner dwindled to nothing. He did not let this crush his hopes, however, and he made the acquaintance of a resourceful associate Skip McKidney. This travelling snake oil salesman gave Beitel access to drifters and animals to experiment on. After another dozen failed experiments a breakthrough continued to elude him. Soon even these subjects began to become harder to find and as Beitel became more desperate his failures became more dramatic. An experiment on two stray dogs he named Castor & Pollux created beasts that were indeed stronger and tougher than they were before but were as hideous as all the other failed subjects. There was some hope, however, as they retained enough of their instincts to be of use as companions.

Francis Fratelli was a sideshow curiosity when Beitel found him. Fratelli's conjoined twin, Fredo, is a small half-formed man emerging from Francis' chest. Sick of their life, they agreed to participate in Beitel's experiments. Having applied the latest formula, Beitel was surprised to find them both unchanged. There was no sign of any increased strength or endurance but neither were there any physical changes. The following night, Fredo died and was transformed into a nightmarish creature. This vicious cancer of teeth and hate demonstrated significant telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Heartened by what he saw as a success, Beitel experimented on an escaped convict by the name of Marcus Cunningham. This time the physical changes worked exactly as predicted and Marcus developed increased strength and durability but he also manifested a cranial bone growth and skin akin to elephant hide.

Believing he neared perfection of his formula, Beitel conducted what he believed was his final experiment. It was only right that he do so on his favourite test subject: himself. He was wrong, however, and the serum was still far from perfect. Beitel was transformed into a hulking slab of muscle standing over eight feet tall. While his intellect and reasoning remained undiminished the change was not without cost. Many of his internal organs atrophied and became toxic in the transformation. Unable to consume food any longer, without regular doses of his serum, Beitel finds himself rapidly weakening to the point of death. This all-consuming hunger drives him onwards with his unusual band of followers, raiding convoys, experimenting on the unwary and finding dubious employment opportunities where they can. Anything so the boss can get his next fix.

The Tainted Biology Posse kit builds six multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Viktor Beitel
  • 1x Skip McKidney
  • 1x The Fratelli's
  • 1x Marcus Cunningham
  • 1x Castor
  • 1x Pollux
  • 6x Bases


Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.