Zooks Express (Mark III) Steam Engine Train

Zooks Express (Mark III) Steam Engine Train

Gadzooks Gaming

$ 55.00 

Heroic (30mm-ish) Scale Steam Engine Train.  Now with skulls!

Includes the following:

  • One (1) Steam Engine
  • One (1) Coal Car
  • One (1) Lumber Car
  • One (1) Cattle Car
  • Two (2) Interlocking straight track sections
  • Four (4) interlocking curved track sections

WARNING:  Choking Hazard, this and other products on this site may contain small parts.  Miniatures are for scale only, they are not included in the sale, nor are any other terrain/accessories.  Photos are for example only, each piece is hand-painted to "tabletop quality" and will be different.